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Our buildings are filled with children and adults who want to come to school every day. They are engaged in activities that light up their brains, sharpen their critical capacities and develop their consciences.


“Enriching Lives” by creatively enhancing and sustaining quality education in a relevant global environment.


“To enable many generations of students to acquire both knowledge and the essential wisdom to balance that knowledge and enable their lives to attain the highest fulfillment”

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When it comes to children ,parents always want the best for them, they do not want to compromise . Putting me in platinum jubilee they did their job. And me being in this school since last 15 years , I can proudly say never once have I thought that my parents made a wrong decision, platinum is indeed above and beyond when it comes to education. Faculties of this very institution watered and nurtured me to the fullest to be a better civil citizen. Not only it was my great luck and fortune but also the best decision of my life to be a member of this family. What I truly experienced in the four boundaries of this foundation is the perfect combination of learning, fun, culture, literature and many more life preaching activities that have taught me to get a good acceleration in my life.

Marteena Hemani

I remember my first day, I was a bit nervous.stepping out, there were tons of people to help me. This school has not only focused on academics but also on co- curricular activities like sports and dramatics. These extra curricular activities were my keen interest. It is absolutely brilliant in terms of the amount of leadership abilities they inculcate in you. Once you get settled in, you will just fall in love with the things you can do. One of my favorite things in this school are assemblies by the different classes, because they are always interesting and fun to watch. I have became much more responsible after joining the school as it allows students to become leader of a group. Our teachers are so good, giving explanations which are so interesting that we literally get involved in the concept. If you ever desire some space for you to grow into a much better human then this is the school for you.

Meenakshi Partani

Being an active member of the PJJC family for two years was a valuable experience. The school played a major role in the academic upliftment and the teachers took it as their personal duty to help students. The learning was not just limited to academics but focused on overall development. You cannot succeed in life unless you have learned the core values like respect, people skills, commitment, etc for which the school provides diverse platforms like Annual Day, Student council, Sports festival, etc. As the Prime Minister of the student council, I got the confidence to manage events, handle people that will definitely help me throughout my life. I feel grateful to be a ‘Platialumini’.

Kartikey Korantlawar

Platinum Jubilee School And Junior College has been a great experience for me. The teachers and staff are well qualified, friendly, supportive and easy to approach when needed which makes life a lot easier. I am grateful for all that I learned through this school, it gave me the tools to succeed with confidence and perseverance.

Kishan Partani

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